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In a typical organization, 80% of all procurement transactions constitute less than 20% of spend. These transactions tie up the organization valuable resources and the return on investment is negligible.

Pearlcon is specialized in dealing with back office processes and guarantees to save your resources, time and cost.

Pearlcon will help you overcoming the procurement challenges that face most of the organization, such as:

  • Delays: supplier fails to deliver on time
  • One-off needs: hard to source materials
  • Supply failure: supplier fails to deliver materials
  • Too many suppliers to deal with
  • Wasted resources: focusing on ordering & expediting multiple purchase orders for low-value items
  • Complex needs: A wide range of specific technical, complex & capital equipment required in short timeframes


Pearlcon offer for Aerospace & Aviation includes a wide range of products as:

  1. Connectors
  2. Semiconductors – IG
  3. Switches & Relays
  4. Optoelectronics & Display
  5. Transformers
  6. Security & Audiovisual
  7. Batteries & Chargers
  8. Cable, Wires and Assemblies
  9. Semiconductors – Discretes
  10. Circuit Protection
  11. Enclosure, Racks & Cabinets
  12. Sensors & Transducers
  13. Tools & Production Suppliers
  14. Automation & Process Control
  15. Static Control & Safety