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Oil, Gas & Petrochemicals

PEARLCON Business Services Limited is a UK based sourcing, supplying, procurement and consultancy company specialized in supplying and sourcing of equipment, materials & OEM...

Security & Counter Terrorism

PEARLCON Business Services Limited providesĀ a comprehensive range of services to its customers in terms of supply and sourcing of goods and services to Security...

Industrial Plants

As the sourcing and procurement landscape is forever evolving, the demand for cheaper, faster and easy to use products rises, as we constantly strive...

Water & Irrigation

We specialise in all types of water equipment and sewage parts and have a wealth of experience in this field, we supply pumps for...

Lab Equipment

The UK has a strong medical devices industry base, employing nearly 50,000 people and supporting the employment of many more. Medical device range from...

Mining & Drilling

PEARLCONĀ is a specialist supplying, sourcing and procurement company providing a wide range of services, including: Supplying and sourcing of equipment & spare parts on...

Low Cost Country Sourcing

Pearlcon Business Services Ltd can bridge the gap on behalf of your company and let you reap the benefits of lower cost goods from...

Chemicals & Lubricants

We respond to enquiries from clients from all over the world with the use of well established relationships with overseas vendors. Our offices in...

Aerospace & Aviation

In a typical organization, 80% of all procurement transactions constitute less than 20% of spend. These transactions tie up the organization valuable resources and...