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About Us

Pearlcon Business Services is a UK based supply, sourcing & consulting company, with expertise in Sourcing, Procurement, Supply Chain Management and Logistics.

Core activities include :

  1. Supply of equipments, materials and OEM spare parts.
  2. Sourcing and supply services from overseas market.
  3. Consultancy support for procurement & supply chain services.
  4. Help suppliers/manufacturers to penetrate in Middle East and China Markets.
  5. Help & support Middle Eastern clients to find JV partners and associates from UK/Europe & US.

Pearlcon has a proven track record of sourcing and supplying engineering equipment and spare parts to Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Mining, Medical and Security Industries. The key to our success is the emphasis we place in maintaining a consistent quality service for all clients, whilst providing a range of options and flexibility to meet their needs.

one top shop

One-Stop-Solution is designed to support your entire Procurement Chain from start to finish. Pearlcon will be your single point of contact for the scope we define and agree together. We will manage the process with all its complexities and optimize the entire procurement value chain. As the supply chain increases in depth and complexity, it is necessary to understand how decisions in one area can impact the total Supply Chain performance. Pearlcon understands that the Supply Chain is key for the industries today, and works with its client to reach the excellence. Pearlcon focuses on Supply Chain strategy and performance improvement, applying experience across a wide range of industries.