Industry Spotlight: Medical Equipments

The UK has a strong medical devices industry base, employing nearly 50,000 people and supporting the employment of many more. Medical device range from syringes and wheelchairs to pregnancy test kits, pacemakers and X-ray machines. There are about 10,000 different medical devices.In the UK, the medical technology sector: Is made up of over 2,000 companies Is trade positive the UK exports more than it imports Is part of the vibrant life sciences industry which is recognized as a key contributor to the world economy.
  • Medical Equipments
  • Autoclaves & Sterlizers
  • Disposable Medical Products
  • Medical Consumables for Laboratories
  • Medical & Surgical Supplies
  • Medical & Surgical Furniture

Medical Equipments

  • Anaesthetic Equipments
  • Radiolog Equipments
  • PatientMonitoring Equipments
  • Surgical Equipments
  • Endoscopy Equipments
  • Ophthalmology Equipments
  • OperatingRoom Equipments
  • Laboratory Equipments
  • Cardiology Equipments
  • Dermatology Equipments
  • ENT Equipments
  • Critical/IntensiveCare Equipments
  • IVFLab Equipments
  • Nephrology Equipments
  • Mortuary Equipments
  • Paediatric Equipments
  • OB.GYN Equipments
  • Oncology Equipments
  • OpenHeartSurgery Equipments
  • Physiotherapy Equipments
  • Urology Equipments
  • Diagnostic&Imaging Equipments